chicky chicky thai

As the new year has almost come to the end of its first month, I have taken on many new goals. The main one has been being more of a man who says yes. I have a goal to learn to play the guitar, preferably a ukulele with steel strings. I’m still looking for an instrument. I have been playing harmonica for a few years now and I really think it would be fun to make music with the two instruments using the capabilities of technology. Along with my very own lyrics and videography. I have had a passion for country music since as far back as I can remember and I absolutely love everything that it is about. Whether it be about my truck, dirt bike, a lost love, a gained love, a day on the lake, a good time with buddies at a bar, it includes every emotion, struggle, life occurrence and for every situation in life you’ll bet there is a country song for it.

Today was a very rainy day in Redmond and so i thought it would be fun to go out to lunch. I took my journal with me and did some writing in a little restaurant called Thai O. Thai food has been one of my favorite food since i tried it back in 2006. I have also developed an uncanny fascination with Thailand, the Thai people, the climate, and especially the scenery. Most people don’t realize how incredibly exotic Thailand is. My favorite Thai dish is Chicken or Tofu Pad Thai. Needless to say the food at Thai O was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area

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