Dwindling desires…

Lately my urge and desire to thru-hike the pct next season has quickly been deminishing. Through drama, accusations, and just the overall thought of feeling not accepted in the community make me really consider not hiking again next season. I look at the hike as something that i should be, as more of a publicity thing, when in all actuality i should look into at as something to get me out of the norm and out of the everyday living situation that im in. but why would i got and do something that i have already done? why wouldnt i just go find a new place to explore? maybe a new country a new land a new exhistance, and then it dawned on me as i was typing to some girl who completely bashed me because of my work situation and my ability to not make it to a hike. What the hell are you thinking? nature and hiking is about nature and hiking not about publicity, who has the lightest gear, who can hike farther longer or to the most exotic location, who has the coolest video, who gets paid to hike, who is dirt poor or who hikes with a girlfriend. Hiking is about loving what is out there and being at peace with nature, realizing that nothing else in life matters, not work, not social media, not anything in life at all except for that moment, where you are free to enjoy the beauty that mother earth has provided before you. For once I just wish some people would realize what is sitting right infront of them.

What Say You?

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