Exiting the Realm

Today a friend of mine brought up a great point. Whats with the social media hype? of course it is a fantastic thing to connect with lost friends, share stories, discuss things and tell people about your lives. In all actuality I am really beginning to feel overwhelmed with the publicity of facebook. I use it on a daily basis and have come to the conclusion that I really need to break off of the social media sensation that everyone is hooked on. Make my facebook profile more of a hey im still alive but if you want to know about whats going on in my life and the ins and outs of what I think then your not going to find it here. I feel like facebook and social media networks have gotten to the point of being to personal. Why does everyone have to know everything about everyone else and why does anyone really care about what you had for breakfast this morning or that you cant run because your boobs are to big. Things like this amaze me on a daily basis.

The human mind is consumed with so much garbage in this world that it doesn’t even look at the things that mean the most to someones life. The little things have become more serious matters of importance and the actual things of importance have become almost not as important as they should be. The whole idea behind making my own website in the first place was to have a place that is me. ALL ME! About my life, about my family, about all that there is going on with me. stepping away from the vortex of facebook on a personal level is my goal for February 2012. Write on AdventureCrow about the important things in my life and the things that mean the most to me.

What Say You?

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