Inspiration Through Experience

Today I stopped by Hutch’s Bicycle Shop here in Redmond ( The only thing I was looking for was a new set of tires for my fixed gear. What I came away with was much more than just tires, but a desire to do what I want to do. I spent about an hour talking with the manager about long distance cycling. Unexpectedly he thought my idea was awesome to do a tour of the Pacific Coast Highway also know as the PCH, not only did he think it was a good idea he also thought it was very unique that I have the desire to do it on a fixed gear. I laid out my plan for him as of now, detailing that I want to convert as much of my bike as I possibly can to carbon fiber, and aerodynamic track parts. He thought this was a brilliant idea because of the fixed gear aspect of the tour. A lighter bike would help with the struggles that I am going to face on the slightly elevated grades of the PCH. I have had a lot of people tell me that im nuts for wanting to do the PCH on fixed gear and  for once someone actually told me to go for it. To not only make myself known to the world in the long distance hiking community but also in the long distance cycling community. I have always been an endurance athlete since I was young and I will be until the day I die. Its who I am. Its what I am.


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