Simplicity at its finest

Today, while I was walking to the store to pick up a pizza and some soda, I came across a chair. The chair was a comfy chair. It had a lot of cushioning to it. An old brown sort of color. Not something that you would want to put in your living room. The sign on the front said “FREE.” I walked straight passed the chair that was facing the west. It was about the time of the sun-setting, and i thought to myself “Sit enjoy.” I quickly turned around walked back 30 yards to the chair with the free sign on it. I sat in the smelly old chair for about an hour. As I sat there in front of someones house I thought many things. From how creepy do I look to wow the simple things are the best. I sat there and pondered the simple and free things in life that come at the blink of an eye. Some of the best things in life are free. The next time you pass by something free stop and take a second to think if that would bring you even 20 minutes of happiness or pleasure. For that anything is worth it. Whats your old free chair?

What Say You?

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