Lack of Motivation Activated by Frustration

The past few days my motivation for anything has dropped incredibly. For some reason I have been very lazy before work. While at work I constantly feel like I am frustrated, not only with a boring but a incredibly repetitive job. On my way home I thought to myself…Why so frustrated little one? At the thought of that exact moment I thought back to a few moments on the PCT.

The first moment was when I came up to a very long climb in the Trinity Alps Wilderness in northern California. It was a very long day and the climb ahead of us was roughly 12 miles, and uphill to about 8500 ft from 1300-1500 ft. As we started on the accent I started running numbers in my head. 5 hrs of climbing at least! OH no I thought to myself. Constantly looking around every corner to see if I could see the top. The anticipation grew as my body grew tired. At one point I thought I had gone through the crest and the high point. But boy was I wrong. I started to get really down on myself. Now on the PCT that day I learned one of the most powerful things about the human body. When the mind shuts down, so does the body. My body started to shut down, my muscles started cramping. At one point I even fell to my knees. I started weeping, and the desire to hike on was little to none. I was on a mountainside and there was no place to camp, so I had to hike on. Thats when my good buddy that I was hiking with, John Williams, told me “Its all in your mind ScareCrow, positive thoughts.” I thought to myself what the fuck does he know. He knew a lot apparently from the multiple military tours that he did. He has one of the strongest minds of anyone I know. I then focused found the inner “force” inside myself and my body instantly felt better.

The second moment was while I was incredibly down. The group I had been hiking with at the time were coming up on an extremely large climb. We stopped for a break and one of the guys comes up and in the voice of a small child says “Im so FWUSTWATED!!” Our group broke out in incredibly laughter. We all were smiles and were no longer thinking about the large climb ahead of us.

Everyday we go through the motions of everyday life. Somedays are completely frustrating. Some days just plain suck a lot. If you dont keep your thoughts positive your body will shut down so to speak. You will lose motivation to do anything, and will become a zombie going through the motions of life. Dont be a zombie, be an individual through positive thinking and keeping your mind strong.

One thought on “Lack of Motivation Activated by Frustration

  1. You have to vent your frustration out. I say take it out on an old bicycle (it might hurt!)

    Then pick up a new hobby, start learning something you don’t know.

    Your worldly problems will slowly start to fade away!

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