Hike and Bike Are One In The Same

Lately as I have been preparing for my up and coming cycling tour of the Pacific Coast Highway I have started to realize that long distance hiking and long distance cycling give me the same butterflies. The desire to be out on the open road is the same feeling I get when I think about being on the open trail of the pct. The journey that will unfold as I ride a fixed gear down the west coast is one that is constantly on my mind. Visiting small tourist towns, bike shops, and breweries; all run deep in my passion for the tour. Following my cycling tour I plan to jump on the PCT again and spend the rest of my summer hiking the most beautiful trail in the country. I have been fully geeking out on cycling tour gear lately. I will be wearing a skin suit on my tour, which some think is a little too much. Those few out there are still thinking that I am a total nut for wanting to ride 1300 miles on a fixed gear then hike 2600 miles. To me that is just life. A great journey. I’m working hard on getting my bike fully setup for my tour. I still have a few pieces of gear to buy which includes a rear rack to place my pack on and possibly a front rack to carry extra supplies on. I have a 2 person alps mountaineering tent but am looking into swapping it out for a single person lighter tent. The same gear that I am going to use for my pct thru-hike this year im also using for my cycling tour of the pacific coast highway. I’m excited for my new adventure and cant wait to be to the point of taking off and getting on the road.

2 thoughts on “Hike and Bike Are One In The Same

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