The Reality Is Here

As I continue to plan the next adventure im excited to share my plans with you. I am looking at starting my trek to LA in mid march. Thus leaving me enough time to pay student loans, visit family, see friends that I havent seen in a while and enjoy the Pacific Northwest a bit longer.

I expect with my start date around the 10th of March that the weather will probably be horrible for me.  Or it could be nice. This winter the Northwest has really had a strange winter. Not much rain, a lot of sun, and unusually low snow year. My goal is to make it to Los Angeles by the 25th of April. After doing the calculations for my 1500 mile trek on two wheels, I came to the realization that I will only have 47 days to do this mission. On the other hand after calculating many things I came to the realization thatI will only have to ride an average of a little over 30 miles a day. On average I ride at least 10-15 miles a day just on my commute and that commute generally takes me less than an hour. I will be shooting for making my longer days the days where the weather is unfavorable, so that I can spend the days that are nice doing other things on my tour. I expect to use the hiker/biker camp spots that generally cost about 3 dollars a night. These campgrounds are all over the west coast. With that said I’m heading out for a ride… pedal on friends.

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