Today I was approached by a street minister. Usually in the past I have been quite rude to these people, but since my hike last year I have opened up my mind a lot more. I sat and talked with the mid 30s man for a few hours. About random things from hypocrisy in religion to the Armageddon theories that christians and non-religious people think. He then asked me if I was religious at all. I went onto explain to him that religion got turned off for me when I was back at Chistian college in Salem, Oregon, called Corban college.

When I would get looked at differently for having tattoo’s, piercings, gay friends, and varies other non-christian, so to speak, attributes in my life. He completely agreed with me in the fact that most religious people are like that today. I asked him about his religion and what it was based on and explained to him that im open-minded towards all religions, as most of them are pretty much the same.

As we chatted on my porch, he brought up the conversation about Armageddon and the end of the world. He asked me my point of view, my fears, and any other thoughts on what was going to happen. I told him this. I have no fear of an Armageddon, an end, or a rapture of sorts. I live my life to the fullest everyday and I don’t take anything for granted. I’m thankful for everything that I have and all the people in my life. I then explained to him my adventurous gypsy spirit, and he was completely blown away by the things that I want to carry out in my life. He told me that if half the world would see it the way i see it, the world would be a different place. That makes me feel great about my life goals, adventures, and everything else.

The journey of the crow is not always straight, but it always gets to where it needs to be.

What Say You?

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