The Excitement Builds

Today was my last day with my employer for the season. It was a bitter-sweet ending to a great season. I found a great company to work for while im not out adventuring, and a company that also supports the crazy things that I do.  As the day came to a close, I was not sad mad or disappointed but grateful for the experiences that I gained with a great outdoor company. I learned what goes into getting the gear that people buy to their doorstep, and what it takes to work for a distribution center. Hard work and commitment are two things that I have learned greatly in the past few years. Work hard at the things that need to be worked hard at and when you commit to doing something don’t talk about it, brag about it, or any of that, just do it. Nike said it best.

With the ending of work, opens the view of the great adventure that I am about to embark on. Over 1500 miles of cycling, 2600 miles of walking and many new people to meet, share stories with, have brews with, walk with, and share life with. To me this isn’t a trip, this is life. Living it to the fullest everyday. If you could tell yourself one thing when you’ve grown old what would it be? To me I want to tell my elder self that you did it good, you did it right, you are happy, and you are alive. I have a tattoo that goes across my back it reads life is mine. It signifies me taking life by the horns, and making it what I want it to be. I live by this motto. What do you live by?

What Say You?

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