Questions of Questions

Today as I was napping mid day, I had a dream… The dream consisted of  spending the night in the woods, playing ukulele, and enjoying life. As I awoke, I remenesed on  the dream. Which led me to contemplating a question.

What is Adventure to you? 

This made me think a lot. Adventure can be anything. Whether that be going to the grocery store, going to the park, sitting on a back porch playing guitar, or anything else. To me Adventure is everything to me. Building my new fixed gear setup is an adventure. Whether it be picking parts out, figuring out what works best, color choice, or material choice. To me its the idea of taking

something and putting the AdventureCrow touch to it. Be sure to check back soon once i get all of my parts assembled for the finished product. Doing a photo-shoot of my ukulele is an adventure. Using my camera to give a unique perspective into life is an entirely awesome adventure in itself. Recently I have been lacking on the Adventure photography aspect but with the recent release of the work season, the photography season is on! Traveling is another adventure of mine that I really enjoy. I figured that traveling was a given. I use all of my passions as an all around great adventure. The next traveling adventure of cycling the Pacific Coast and then hiking the Pacific Crest Trail again is going to be one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Life Is An Adventure


What Say You?

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