The Delimma

Currently I have been cycling a lot, going out early in the mornings is hard, especially with the cold temperatures. As my trip comes closer and closer I have contemplated the route that I have chosen. With my desire to do a long distance cycling trip it also makes me think about whether the weather will be rainy the entire time. Although a completely rainy trip would make a fun adventure at the same time it would be tough on my health, mentality and could be potentially dangerous. I have thought of taking Highway 395 down the east side of the Sierra’s as an alternate and better weather. The scenery would be just as fantastic as the coast with the Sierra Nevada’s. The route doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me as much as the adventure behind it. Any advice would be great shoot me an email on my contacts page or reply with a comment below. Thanks everyone!

One thought on “The Delimma

  1. Sounds like it has potential to be a cool alternative. The one thing I would look closely at is how cycle friendly each route is- as in wide shoulders, volume of traffic, etc. Dealing with cars has been the biggest drawback of every bike tour I’ve done. By the same token, riding in the rain can get old pretty fast. is a pretty good resource for touring, if you haven’t already checked them out. It’s a tough call, but ultimately I’d settle on the route that speaks to you and sounds most enjoyable, all factors considered. Either would offer a great adventure.

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