UpDown Goes the Oreo

As I sat on my couch this evening I got word that the next town south of me was getting snow. I decided at the very instant that I found out about this to start gearing up. Pulled out my 600 fill down jacket and walked outside. The crazy thing was there was not a cloud in the sky. Granted the next town south is 20 miles away. While this may not seem like a lot the weather patterns can be dramatically different between the two places. As I looked up in the sky it was scattered with an array of vibrant stars! I thought to myself this is exactly what I needed! I have been wanting to test out the new remote shutter for my Nikon 1 and use it to shoot some long exposure night shots. I hurried in and grabbed my lens, my bike and my tripod and bolted out the door. I flew down a paved canyon trail and found this immaculate bridge fully lit up. I started getting a photo boner as I like to say. You photographers out there know exactly what im talking about! As I proceeded to setup my tripod and turn my camera on it shouted at me! NO MEMORY CARD!!! Oh no, I thought this isn’t going to work without my card, which so happened to be in my computer!

Discouraged and kinda bummed I jumped back on my bike headed for home. As I was riding through the pitch dark I thought to myself…I still want to shoot something tonight. I have to. Feeling the downer of the missing memory card I figured what the hell swing by the store and pick up america’s favorite cookie.

A buddy of mine mentioned in a latest forum post that those were going to be the one thing he’s going to miss on the trail the most. This dips for you 26!(http://hiking26.com/about/) So after all in all it turned out to be a great cookie kind of adventure night!

What Say You?

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