Todays BHiikkee Adventure

Today I got the urge to go for a hike. Problem is that the nearest place is ten miles away. Problem solved when I realized that I could ride 10 miles there hike 5 miles then ride 10 miles back! So I went on a mission camera fully charged and ready to hike at one of the worlds best rock climbing spots. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Smith Rock State Park!

Smith Rock is full of magnificent rock climbing hiking and running right through the middle is the Crooked River. With world-class rock climbing, Smith is said to be the origin of modern American sport climbing. Sport climbing is rock climbing using permanent anchors fixed into the walls. Sport climbing is  more gymnast related in contrast to traditional climbing where the climber can place their anchors where they feel is easiest.  Unfortunately today there were not any climbers out.

Left: The trail from the saddle on misery ridge.
Right: The trail coming up from the Crooked River.

I decided to hike a grueling 2 mile hike up what is called Misery Ridge. From the base where the Crooked River to the top of Misery Ridge is approximately 2 miles and an elevation gain of about 600-800 ft. Although the hike is pretty steep the views from the top are phenomenal!
I proceeded to watch the sunset over the cascades and then rode back to Redmond ten miles away, returning home only after a trip to subway for dinner.
All in all it combined my love of cycling and hiking to make one great day!

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