Craving the Road

As my future trips get closer and closer, I feel this crazy sense of adventure come over my body. My cycling trip to southern California is so close I can almost taste it. I cant wait to taste the dirty grit of the open road in my teeth, feel the wind rushing against my body, and see sights that i have not seen yet. My mind wanders with excitement! I have been getting very little sleep due to worrying about the upcoming large sum of money that I need to pay off my student loans for the summer. (any help is appreciated) With all the route planning going through my mind, the gear and bike parts, the money, and throw on top of all that the fact that i should have gotten glasses a long time ago is quite overwhelming. I have so much to do that I feel I’m not going to get it done in time to leave. Yet on this Friday I have nothing planned to do. I don’t understand how this works.It’s all a waiting game at the moment. Waiting on the USPS to bring me a tax refund, bike parts, and a few extra batteries for my camera. The days go by and planning and strategy are constantly going through my mind. Which at least gives me something to do! Soon and very soon my day will consist of riding my bike all day, and then walking all day!

What Say You?

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