Tranquility Of Darkness

I was sitting around my house this evening realizing that I hadn’t been outside much, if any of the day besides to go pick up a pizza for dinner. I thought to myself i need to do something to get rid of the cabin fever that had stricken my body. I asked a friend ( what should I do She replies with the greatest answer a hiker can ask for. “Go for a walk.” I left my house in my base camp down jacket without a light a phone or anything. Just plain me. I walked around the block which is pretty large. The overall walk was probably 20-30 minutes. The simpleness of a city at night reminded me of walking on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was completely peaceful. Everything was at rest. I could almost picture the houses being boulders and canyons that I long to walk through once again.

The cars were trees, and the streets were creeks. For a short time I had distinctive flashbacks of places I had seen on the trail. I adore these flashbacks. I wish that I could stay in them all the time. Soon I will be back in the very places that I have flashbacks about. I miss the PCT. It feels the most like a home that I have felt in a very long time. I get asked why do it again and that the main reason. Its home. The west coast is home. The cascades is home.


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