What A Traveler Misses The Most

Frequently I get asked the question “What do you miss the most while your hiking?” This to me is a lot more complicated than a simple one thing or another. The material possessions of this world don’t mean anything to me anymore, unless it’s a piece of gear that I can use while traveling. In the winters I spend my time working and upgrading any gear that I happened to destroy the previous year. Every penny that I earn goes back into my travel addiction. Whether it be through cycling parts, backpacking gear, camera gear, or just saving up for the journey. Where I come from is a small country town. I grew up a country boy, and am proud of that and will never let that go. With the country boy mentality comes with it the love of simple things.

A stack of pancakes, a view of a mountain, a cold beer on a porch, the sounds of live music, mudding on a river bank, swimming in a swimming hole with

country music blaring, smell and sound of a gunshot, a country girl in daisy dukes, or just plain mammas home cookin’. I miss all that while im traveling. I miss the simple things that come with living in Oregon. Going to the local corn festival in my home town was the event of the year when I was growing up. Granted it was a festival revolving around the corn harvest. Which to some doesn’t seem to fun. To me it was the highlight of my year. So the answer to the question for today is the simple things that make my life great. Mostly pancakes though :)

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