Near Death Experience Awakens Crow

After a long day of playing with my bike I decided to go treat myself to some of Americas favorite cookies and milk. The grocery store is within a mile of myself and I decided that I would just walk instead of riding. The weather was clear and there were a few clouds in the skies. The road to the store is a road with 2 curves on it in a residential neighborhood.

As I was walking on the sidewalk down the street just past one of the curves, a small red truck started to come down the road. The truck proceeded to screech around the corner nearly missing me by 5 ft and driving up onto the curb. The driver regained control by swerving back onto the road and speeding off. It scared me a lot so i called the police. The cops said that they couldn’t do anything because i did not have enough of a description. This thoroughly made me blow up at the cop. I don’t have a problem with police officers or authority figures, but when they don’t serve the public like they should it really makes me angry. That to me is why society is so messed up in my eyes. While I was in the grocery store I heard a song by a band I use to listen to when i was in college and it completely reminded my of the experience that i just had with almost getting hit by a car. The band Imogen Heap was a band that i use to listen to while relaxing and doing homework. I hadn’t listen to them since I was in college back in 2007. Their music puts me at ease.

With the near death experience it really woke me up again to the fact that any day can be my last. Tomorrow, today, 20 minutes from now. When I lost my spleen it really woke me up a lot as well. (read about me) I embrace everyday that I have on this earth. I love my life, it’s an adventure that I want to continue to be on. I love mother earth and im incredibly happy that I get to go explore once again!

One thought on “Near Death Experience Awakens Crow

  1. Michelle

    Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you a great trip. From your friend who encouraged you to take a walk- sara’s mom. Maybe I’ll be meetin you on then PCT when I meet up w sara. Blessing always and watch out for each other on your journeys.

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