Get Involved With AdventureCrow

As I start to get closer to my trips I have started to realize that I have not planned any resupply points out. This is one of those things I like saving for the trail. As I go along I will buy food ahead of time for the towns that do not have good grocery stores. If you would like to help me out with this I welcome all packages.

What to include in the package? 

5 days worth of food, this includes 5 breakfasts (oatmeal, honey buns, etc) 5 dinners (ramen, mashed potatoes, easy mac) 5 days of snacks (anything use your imagination and surprise me!). Any food you can think of for these meals would be extremely helpful, hot chocolate and drink mixes are always welcome but not requires. Also be creative, leave a note in there or something. If you would like to help out here is a list of places close to the trail.

Pick a location that you would like to sponsor me for and email me below:

What Say You?

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