New Hobby Starting Tomorrow!

With all these shows about gold out these days, I started day dreaming. I started thinking about how cool it would be to pan for gold, live in the woods and see what i can get. So tomorrow im going on a three-day backpacking and gold panning trip. I did research on places where gold is present in the central Oregon area and came up with the Ochoco national forest. Which is a great area. I’m going out there with no expectations of finding gold, but the opportunity to actually find some has me very intrigued. I was thinking it would be the best gift to myself , to make myself a gold ring from home. The land of Oregonia! Look for photos of my trip when I return.

I also had this other crazy fantasy pass through my mind. What if i do find a sufficient amount? To ride my bike to San Diego or camp out in the Ochoco range and pan for gold for two months. It would also make for great adventure for the adventure film festival. The guy who panned for gold to pay his way up the pacific crest trail. I would still be cycling just instead of towns i would be cycling to one town to resupply on food and save a lot of money and be making money and great footage for a good flick. Anyways just my crazy idea. :)

What Say You?

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