So Close To Departure

I just passed the one week to go till my ride to southern california begins. Visiting my parents are the plans for the weekend. The following week I feel will be quite the rush. Between paying off bills for the next six months to actually getting onto the open road. My mind has gone through the What If’s of Traveling. What if I run out of money,  get hurt, get hit by a car, I cant make it up a hill, run into the wrong people, my bike gets stolen, and something serious on my bike breaks. All these run through my mind constantly. Curiosity for the unknown drives me, like most adventurers, completely wild. The feeling of going out and doing something that you have never done before is one of the most pleasureful things in life. So after much deliberation on how to ship my bike back to Oregon once i got to southern california, after thoughts of canceling my trip and just taking my backpack and my hitchhiking thumb, it all made perfect sense when i woke up this morning. I woke up and thought okay, well this isn’t going to be easy. The thought to stay around and try to

make some more money has crossed my mind multiple times. The times like this are where the true drive for adventure will kick in. After all isn’t that what life is about? Whether I ride my bike to southern california or whether i just take a thumb and couch-surf my way down there. no matter what I think it will be a great time, filled with fantastic photography, cool people, and fantastic memories. Get ready it’s about to be a really wild ride :)

7 thoughts on “So Close To Departure

  1. I’ll keep you and my trip in my prayers – for safety, to be injury-free, to have enough money, to be free of worry – so you can enjoy this wonderful adventure! :)

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