Open Road Is In Sight

Three days until I depart for another epic adventure in my life. What? REALLY!? It feels like just yesterday I was dreaming of this grand adventure to step up my adventure game. To not only hike across the country but to also ride a bike in one summer. over 3000 miles will be traveled, many beers drank, many new friends,  photos, writings, stories, and memories.

I was watching a movie about the Camino De Santiago. Which is a long trail in Spain. The main character was dropping his son off at the airport to leave for this crazy journey. His son tells his dad “we don’t choose a life dad, we live one.”  

This is one of the most powerful phrases I have ever heard. It tells us to not chose something but live it. Live your life the way you want to live it and don’t care about anyone else’ opinions. After I lost my spleen, back in 2010, I was told that I should never ride bmx again. 6 Weeks later I got back on my bike and did it because I felt like I was free when I was on my bike. I carved this the day i got back on my bike.

Today I had the opportunity to visit a new gear shop. I love going into gear shops no matter what city or state I am in. It’s almost as though I can go into the shop and im already in the secret club. The Salem Summit Co is the visionary of Al Tandy. Salem Summit Co is located on state street in downtown Salem Oregon. I had the opportunity to speak with Al today about the opening of a gear shop in Salem. He proclaimed the same thoughts as I. Both agreeing on the fact that Salem needed somewhere to buy good quality outdoor gear. Since there are no competitors in town, I feel that Salem Summit Co. will be an awesome addition to the outdoor community in Salem. I’m excited and proud to be rocking a local gear shop sticker on my water bottle this year!

2 thoughts on “Open Road Is In Sight

  1. Eric Murtaugh

    Good luck man! Looking forward to checking out some of your photos and thoughts! Let me know if you pass through Carlsbad, CA. There’s a great brewery right down the street from me!

    Are you getting any pre-trip jitters yet?

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