Swift Tides

As I was sitting around my house today contemplating how I was going to get to Redmond, get my bike and start my trip. There is a train that goes to Redmond but it takes 7 hrs to get there with a bus layover. A lot of problems and such. I posted an ad on the Salem craigslist looking for a ride over. After a few days nothing still. So I started to really feel down on myself thinking that i was not going to be able to start my cycling trip on time. I sat down on my back porch feeling a bit depressed thinking I wish i could get over there. At that very moment my old job with my sponsor Altrec.com was ringing on my phone. I answered it and was shocked that they needed me for a few days of work. I was planning on leaving for my cycling trip on saturday, but can’t pass up an oppurtunity to make a little bit of extra spending money for my trip. Im off to ride the rails of a train for 5 hrs, then have a 2 hr bus ride! Wish me luck as the crow flies on!

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