The Projects

On my journey this year I have decided to do a bunch of little mini projects. They all give me a chance to have some fun on my journey and really expose the trip afterwards.

  • The first project is a postcard project. I will mail myself postcards from various locations along my trip. After I return from the trip I plan to take a poster board and fill it with the postcards making a collage of all the places that i visited.
  • The second one goes along with the first one. Except this one will be on my bike. When I built my bike I did it with parts that have no graphics on them. I did this so that I can fill my bike with stickers from the places that I have been.
  • The third project is taking a photo of myself with as many beer brands along the trail as possible. I’m an Oregonian and I love my beer. I will be visiting as many of the local breweries along my trip as possible. I will be updating the first time that I am able to find Deschutes Obsidian stout.

After all these mini adventures within, I think it will make some great memorabilia for this awesome journey. With the memorabilia I also wanted to remind you that I am going to filming a short film for the adventure film festival, basing it around the culture of the trail, my mental findings of changes of the body, and on trail weight training (using things in nature and oneself to build muscle and tone.)

3 thoughts on “The Projects

  1. Mellow & Bandit

    I like the project ideas, especially the stickers. When we had to carry bear canisters, we covered them up in stickers to make them our own. Definitely made me a little fonder of the 3 pounds of plastic on my back.

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