All Rev’d Up & Ready To Go!

The other day I was hiking in Minto Brown Island Park with some friends in

Salem Oregon. I got a nice picture of a bird and it was really nice to get all of the final preparations done for my trip. I shot a photo of this sweet looking bird.

My visit to Salem was a fun one. Seeing my mother and father for the first time in a long time was great. They gave me best wishes on my

journey and know that I will be fine and having a great time. They understand the PCT a lot better the second time around and seem to have a lot more faith in my ability to accomplish my goals. I will miss my family and my friends on my journey. I will miss Oregon and the green trees. This is the life I live though! No matter where I am, I am happy! To me that’s the main goal in life. To all the people who read my blog or are friends with me on facebook I say

“Choice Not Chance Determines Destiny.”

Live life to the fullest and get ready for one hell of a ride :) Bon Voyage!

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