Bon Voyage!

A Swiss girl told me the other day “Bon Voyage.” This Swiss girl is a close friend of mine, addicted to travel and photography as well. (

Today is my last day in Redmond

I thought this to myself when I woke up this morning. Nerves are running wild through my body to the point where im holding back the vomit that feels like its about to come out. Nerves are something im very much accustom to. Running in highschool, I would get so nervous before cross-country and track races that I would usually ralph before the race. My plans are to make it to Bend, Oregon today, where I will stay and visit with friends. Departing on my great journey to San Diego tomorrow for the first full day in the saddle. I’m really excited to share some of my ideas and thoughts for the route of my film “A Bike & A Bivy.” I have the plans laid out, but as with life you never know what could happen or where you will end up next week. Enjoy the time you got on earth and do what will make you happy! Life is too precious to waste it angry depressed or bored. This is my final farewell to Redmond, Oregon. I don’t know if i will see this town again, so one more tour on my bike and then heading down to warmer weather and the start of an amazing journey!


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