A Special Thanks To…

As I’m one day into my trip I would like to reach out in thanks to the people who have helped make my life possible. I love every minute of it and cant wait to share it with as many people as possible. For everything you have done to make my trip possible:

  • Altrec.com– Without the continued support from a great company based in Oregon I wouldn’t be able to do my trip. Thanks for the gear, the good times, and the job.
  • Mile High Mountaineering– Thank you guys for designing one of the coolest packs out there. You guys are doing an awesome job, and im proud that you guys got my back!
  • Terramar Baselayers- You guys are going to keep me toasty on this journey! Thanks!
  • My mother and father for always supporting me in my crazy adventures, and for helping me turn into the adventurous man that I am today.
  • Heather for providing me with an ipod and over 5000 songs of my choice. I’m eternally grateful! It will help me so much this year to get through those rough times and to make the good times even better! Thank you.
  • Eric Murtaugh,  1C1G, Todd, Rachel, Wolfpack, Charlie, and Eve- For the inspirations and motivations to reach my goals!
  • Sara– For giving me more motivation than most people could ever ask for. Cheers to us, and the great journey of the PCT that awaits!
  • Everyone who is sending me a ressupply boxes (Janette, Hollywood, Heather, Wolfpack, Rachel, and more to come) or has helped me with anything else pct related I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped me out with my journey. I am excited to have the chance to do this and excited to share my stories and my life with you.

If you didn’t have the chance to help me along my trip and want to please feel free to email me. Food resupply boxes are the best way for someone to help.

4 thoughts on “A Special Thanks To…

  1. Scarecrow!

    Stoked for you, brother, and excited to follow your two-wheeled and two-footed journeys through the summer. Enjoy every step.

    You have a place to stay in Sacramento (Lincoln, off the 65), if you need one until March 31. Then, April 2 on, you have a place to stay in Paso Robkes, on highway 101. (I’m moving down there). The #is 916-254-6902.

    Also, I have some trail angels in Klamath Falls if you need anything. Let me know.

    Blessings on your journey! May the ‘Crow fly!


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