Day #2 The biggest day yet.

March 14, 2012…After getting snowed on for most of the night in my bivy sack I departed my campsite approximately 10 miles south of La Pine, Oregon. The roads were rather bad and I decided from the start that I needed to get to the nearest form of food as possible. My lighter had went out early that morning while trying to light my stove. The worst possible thing that could happen to me. Without any snack foods and all cooking foods my mentality took a drastic change. Now on most of my trip im going to be doing a study on the changes that the mind takes when an individual is traveling, or out in the wilderness for a long period of time. The mentality at that point was “I need to carry more snack foods.” A quick easy stop without having to fire up my stove was one of the things i craved the most. After 6 miles I found a small store that sold biscuits and gravy for 2 dollars and a lighter for a dollar. Not a bad way to start the day. My next goal was to make it to Chemult Oregon. I blew past Chemult at around 11am. I then stopped for a rest at a rest area where I took a nap under a kiosk sign to avoid the snow and rain that was falling. When I awoke I told myself I would go for another 10 miles to make the next day into Klamath Falls a bit easier. Well after 10 miles rolled around I saw a sign that said STATE CAMPGROUND 11 Miles! So i dug deep and rode all the way to the state campground. Overall I put in 68 miles and was able to camp under an awning and had a nice warm fire in a trash can. Nothing like hobo-ing it up in a closed state park :)

3 thoughts on “Day #2 The biggest day yet.

  1. I am envious, it sounds like you are already off to a good start. Minus the lighter of course! I am thinking you will be adding some weatherproof matches to your gear soon enough :)
    I am happy that I found your blog as you started this journey on Day 1. I look forward to reading about your adventure as it unfolds.

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