The Here and The Now theory

As said before I am doing a study on the mind during long distance traveling. Whether that be the pct, some other long trail, a cycling tour or a long car ride.

So far I have come to this conclusion. This has been said before but I truly believe that during long distance adventuring we stop caring about the future and are enthralled with the present. We realize that by foot or human power, nothing is going to get us out of it but ourselves. So instead of looking at the dim that is happening we must focus on our goal and doing the best that we can at every moment. For example I was riding along Hwy 99 north of Klamath Falls Oregon. The weather was totally kicking my ass and I was starting to lose hope. I then thought to myself,

“I can’t change whats happening.”

So I set my mind to just go mode. Blocking out all the pain that I could. I learned this running cross-country and track growing up. With this outlook I am able to focus less on the pain and more onto the surroundings. The more I see the surroundings, the more I start to pick up on inconsistencies. Like riding along and noticing cracks, hills, rocks or little things. I start to notice every one of them. Focusing on the now Is key to adventuring! Let go of your life behind a desk and a computer and go for it!

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