Day 5 Choices…

As I woke up to clear skies my mind started to race with the possibility of a sunny day. Besides the bitter temperatures in the mid 20’s I gathered my belongings and headed out on the open road at about 8am. By the time noon rolled around I was staring straight in the face of a sign that said

“<-Alturas, Susanville->”

It was 88 miles to Susanville. California and from the looks of my map a few mountain passes and from the looks from my eyes at the mountains it was not something that I wanted to do. After much deliberation I chose to go the long way to Susanville. I rode to Alturas Ca which had nothing in it but a casino a few gas stations and a subway. Of course I had to stop for the subway. I had myself a foot long, and decided to ride off into the sunset. After 78 total miles for the day, my biggest yet, I set camp up under some juniper trees. I was just outside Likely, California which only had a grocery store in it. It was about 630 and I was getting the late night munchies. I stopped at the little store to find one of the greatest little things that I had when I was a kid. My father and I use to eat these chocolate bars that are called mountain bars. Chocolate filled with peanut butter. but twice as good as a Reese’s. This little treat of home brought together one e of the longest days on my tour.  As I went to sleep this was the view of the mountains I was able to enjoy.

What Say You?

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