Day 7 And There Was Rest…

After 40 miles I made it to Susanville, California. I’m going to be taking a day off to strategize my next moves, and figure out where I want to go. I have ridden 350 miles in the first week and have decided to not ride a single mile tomorrow. Unless  I ride around Susanville, California. Susanville is located nicely at the base of some pretty stunning mountains.

Within the first 20 miles of my ride this morning, I stopped at town of around 70 people. There was one store and so I decided to stop in for a quick pick me up. I chose a butter-finger and a snickers. The man at the counter alerted me that a few hours ahead of me was a couple who was riding to Mexico City! I really wanted to catch them but decided after a few hours of intense riding that it was a lost cause. The thought that someone else is out there doing something just as crazy had me entirely intrigued.

I arrived in Susanville at about 1 o’clock where I met up with a friend, who has toured around the country on a bike and has also hiked a lot. We shared great stories about touring and hiking. He even has hiked parts of the PCT and knows some of the same people. (If any of you know “Buns of Steel.”) As for tomorrow I have plans of a zero day and just to relax around town. I am contemplating the route that I am going to take. I am considering going through the valley of California, so that I can see more people and have an opportunity to shoot more photos. Only time will tell where I end up.

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