Weather Makes Adventure…story of rain

Last night while getting settled into my sleeping bag, I pondered a thought.

What makes an adventure?

This question can be taken a variety of ways. Throughout the year I will explore other ideas of what makes an adventure. One of the big things that makes us tell stories of our travels is the hard times. The times when weather has not been so fortunate is a popular one. Simple fact that they make the best stories. Who wants to hear a story about some guy who went out on a boring adventure. Naturally the human mind wants to know what the crazy stuff was that you have to go through.

This can be in the form of torrential rain. A few years ago I was bass fishing at a pond in the cascades with a few buddies. The weather was cloudy and the fish weren’t biting to good but the beers and good friends cured the lack of fishing luck. The weather for some reason turned bad in a split second. Knee deep in pond water as lightning was striking the trees around the pond was a scary experience. The thunderstorm came up on us very quick, and for some reason the bass started biting. We caught like 5 bass in less than 10 minutes. Although our fishing luck had changed our weather was still a major problem. We were drenched and decided to call it a day. As we got in the car we stripped down to our boxers and drove home. Avoiding fallen tree limbs along the way. About 20 miles from home the gas light came on. We needed gas bad but were in our underwear. We decided that it couldnt wait so we pulled into a gas station and laughed about the man who was pumping our gas and staring into a car of 3 guys in our underwear.

What Say You?

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