You Cant Take The Trail Out Of A Hiker

After talking with former thru-hikers about their mentalities, psyche, and their experiences post trail, I have come to the conclusion that you can never take the trail out of a hiker.

As my travels move forward and I start really diving into the mental changes associated with long distance adventure. The human mind goes through a great transformation from the everyday world when going to thru-hiking mentality. This change is forever within a thru-hiker. Ask any former thru-hiker what they would rather be doing, and 90% of them would say “Id rather be hiking.”

The sense of freedom, adventure, and the unknown, is what drives a hikers need for the trail. This is true with any trail whether it be the PCT, CDT, AT, or any trail in the country. I met a former thru-hiker in Susanville, Ca who still walks most nights of the week. The urge to walk everyday I could totally relate to. When I returned from the PCT last year I would walk everywhere. The feeling of walking triggers memories associated with the trail and to some of us it is like a stress relief from everyday living. So I urge you go out and take a walk, see the fresh air, and here  the birds chirp.

What Say You?

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