Holi Krishna!

The past few days I have been living at the Lotus Temple in Spanish Forks, Utah. I have had such an amazing experience from the festival. I am actually changing my plans quite a bit as the Krishna temple has really changed me and I have started to feel a lot better about life in general since I have been there. I have made the committment to live a vegetarian lifestyle. Which for me isnt really a hard thing to do. I already dont eat a whole lot of meat so cutting out the meat that I do consume is not a hard transition.

As I have been staying at the Lotus temple I have really been interested in the Krishna faith. I am going to be carrying the Bhagavad Gita with me while I hike the PCT this year. Studying the book and what the faith is about. There is something about the temple that makes me feel wonderful inside. I feel like its home, the people are absolutely fantastic and I cant thank them enough for their hospitality. The Bhagavad Gita is the teachings of Krishna and covers every subject that you can possibly imagine. The Krishna faith is based of the oldest writings known to man, and the Bhagavad Gita was first written in Sandscript which is the oldest living language on the planet. Be sure to check back on my thoughts about the Krishna faith and my spiritual journey along the trail.

This past weekend has been pretty nuts with the Holi Festival Of Colors at the temple, where some 80-120 thousand people showed up to listen to Kurtan music and to throw colored chalk at one another. The throwing of the colors is the celebration of the colors of spring. It was first celebrated in India sometime ago when they would crush up the pedals of the recently bloomed flowers and throw them into the air. The celebration was a great hit with bands celebrating the arrival of spring. Some of the bands included some Krishna rock, and Dubstep artist. The festival was a lot of fun and the clean up process has only begun. On the 14th of April we will be celebrating the festival for the second time in Salt Lake City, Utah if you have the chance to be there I would highly recommend attending! As for now its back to work cleaning such a beautiful and sacred place that over the past week I think has changed my life forever. Hari Krishna!

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