Letting Go of The Material World

As most of you have realized my cycling adventure to the start of the pacific crest trail in San Diego took a major detour. I was not expecting to be in the place that I am. Krishna has a plan for all of us and this was definitely revealed to me. Everything in our lives happen for a reason. I have learned so much being here at the Krishna temple. One of the biggest lessons that I want to share is letting go of the material world. Material possessions, money, clothes, electronics, internet, and everything in between does not matter a single bit in life. Being happy is the only thing I am striving for. With keeping the right mindset, any situation can be positive. When you are in a group of people there are going to be those individuals that give you certain traits that you can learn from. Some will give you anger, jealousy, and ridicule. There are also those who will give you joy, inspiration, and motivation. Pick out those individuals who will positively influence your lives and surrounding yourself with the right people will make for a happier life. Letting go of the material world is a hard thing to do. Not worrying about money is one of the hardest things. Money makes the world go around. Without it we seem hopeless and sometimes without it we cannot do the things that make us happiest. Finding the free things in life like watching a sunset, hiking through the woods, or even just sitting in a grassy field can open your eyes to the simple things that are free in life. Being happy in the hardest situations is my goal. No matter what keeping the right mindset can make the world a completely different place. Hari bol!

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