My 2012 Vegas Experience

I met an amazing man at the Lotus Krishna Temple here in Spanish Fork, Utah. Alen is originally from Bosnia who lives mostly in Vermont. Alen is into cycling and cares about the environment very deeply. I was fortunate to spend a week with Alen and we grew very close. By the time we went our separate ways I knew that I had a friend for life. A few friends, Alen, and myself drove Alen to Los Angeles so he could catch a flight to Hawaii to work as a tour guide and doing sustainability on a farm. On our way to LA we decided to stop in Las Vegas.

Our original plan was to just be there for the day walking the strip and seeing the people and sights. Well Vegas being sin city, we decided to have a few drinks. While drinking and walking around the city we ran into a couple of guys from Michigan. Matt and Steve were on vacation and were kind to us. They found out that we didnt have a place to crash for the night as we were just planning to sleep in the car. They invited us to spend the evening on the town with them and then to crash in their hotel room with them. We spent the evening roaming Las Vegas watching the people and the lights. We didn’t expect to go to Matt and Steve’s hotel room which ended up being on the top floor of the Luxor in the executive suit. Waking up in the middle of the night I had flashbacks from the movie “The Hangover.” This was our fantastic version spent with amazing people and making one great experience!