Trust Your Gear

Often times I will ask people what type of gear they carry into the back country. After detailed explanations and feedback on the type of gear the individual is carrying, I often ask them “Do you trust your gear with your life?” The main reason I ask most people that is because they often times buy gear for a certain reason. Whether that reason be that they like the color, the weight of the item, or a specific feature of the piece. Most backpackers have a few pieces of gear that they don’t particularly like. I say to them then why do you have it? One of the most important things you can do as an outdoor enthusiast is to fully trust your gear with your life. You never know what circumstances you will come into contact with. I can finally say that I can fully trust my gear with my life. Without trusting your gear you worry about not being prepared enough for any situation.

I like to apply this philosophy to everyday life. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. With this simple mindset no matter where you are you will never be disappointed. Bob Marley sang it best I think.

One thought on “Trust Your Gear

  1. Eric Murtaugh

    A crucial observation! I think we’ve all made the mistake of sticking with a piece of crappy gear at one time or another, only because we liked the color, or the brand, or whatever. Like you said though, none of that stuff really matters when you really need your gear to perform.

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