powerful words

When speaking the English language these days there are so many words that are thrown around without thinking about the real meaning of the word before an individual uses it. While on facebook today someone commented that they hated the Easter bunny. To me hate is not the right word for the situation. The word hate is one of the most powerful words that gets misused these days. To hate the Easter bunny is obsured. This completely disgusts me about human kind. Why must their be hate? Especially towards something that causes so many kids such joy and happiness. You may not believe in the easter bunny, Santa ClausJesus ChristKrishnaBuddhaMuhammad, or any other entity that a person can not directly see but to say that you hate something of that nature that brings a certain amount of people joy is absolutely ridiculous. This word hate I would gladly say that I have cut out of my life. A friend once told me that why hate something? Hating something does no good, there is no need to say that you hate something because of your personal point of view. Yes you may not like the certain topic or certain thing but to hate is an emotion. A strong emotion that is irrelevant and unnecessary in life. If you dont like something look at it from the perspective of someone who does enjoy it. I hear a lot of people say I hate it when people do this or that. To me that is being selfish of ones own characteristics rather than being open to the individuals point of view. This may be a little ranting and a little raving about the world, but this is who I am and what I am about.

3 thoughts on “powerful words

  1. I disagree with you that hate is “irrelevant” or “unnecessary”. It’s a human emotion we all experience.

    And if you think about it, when we say we “hate” something, we simply mean that we disagree with everything it stands for. It actually isn’t a strong word in our usage of it, whatever its total implications are.

    You get me?

    1. I totally feel you, BUT to hate something that is not worth hating is irrelevant and unnecessary. To hate something like war, poverty, or something that is actually worth hating is my point, rather than hating for say the easter bunny, which is something that if you look at from a different perspective rather than your own point of view one should see that it is not worth hating. I agree that hate is human emotion for some, for me it is not an emotion I experience, there is no sense in wasting my brain thinking of hating something. its a wasted emotion in my opinion

      1. I see what you’re saying. Hate is simply the attachment of negative emotions to a certain idea, and it can be founded in strong logicality. I, for example, hate everything about the creationist movement, for very good reasons. And so I think that hate is justified.

        However, I don’t hate the actual creationists, just the concept. So in that sense, I guess I’m being more fair than some.

        Nice post either way! :)

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