A Joyful day

Easter….Celebrated by Christians all over the world…representing the resurrection of Jesus Christ…. Some believe this some do not. I’m on the latter end of the spectrum, but I feel that no matter what religion you are today is a joyful day. Be joyful and thankful for the friends and family that you have. One doesn’t have to be of any sort of faith to see how happy people all over the world are on this Sunday in April. Be glad that you are here and that you have the opportunity to be blessed with the presence of family. If you have certain family members that you dont necessarily get along with, realize that they are going to give you a certain attitude. They might give you a judgmental attitude towards the decisions that you have made in your life, a certain hair style, a piercing, or anything else. A good way of looking at it is taking the time to understand what the person is going to give you and learn from that. Say a person is going to criticize you. Take the criticism with an open mind and realize why they are giving you such criticism. You can learn a lot from the individuals who give you the most trouble in life. I feel that Krishna puts those certain people there for a reason. To test you and to teach you a lesson on how you should be. Above all today be thankful for your life and the chance you have been givin to be happy. Hare Bol!

What Say You?

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