Border Thoughts

I was packing my gear today getting things ready for the pct. I started to think about the southern terminus of the pct. Last year being at the beginning of something that I did not know would change my life forever. I think of the person that I use to be before, and even after the trail last year. Some of the thoughts that go through my head are crazy. Some are that of pure disgust in my mentality. Others are glad that I had enough guts to actually step out of the real world and into the REAL WORLD! Thoughts of how much I have changed mentally, physically, and spiritually drive my hike this year.

A new scarecrow, humble, happy, and free as ever is about to take on the PCT once again. Tears will fill my eyes im sure when i finally see that little ovaled out triangle sign once again. Its something I cant explain nor can anyone comprehend unless they have hiked. It frankly is a little overwhelming but in a very good way. I have 3 days left here at the temple and am going to do my best to learn and grow as much as possible. Soak up as much culture and amazingness as possible.

Hare Krishna!

What Say You?

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