My Krishna Experience

I have spent the last 3 weeks living at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. My experiences here has changed my life. The mental changes that I have gone through since I have gotten here I believe will stick with me for the rest of my life. As I was laying in bed contemplating my life last night and the things that I have learned since coming to the Temple.

One of my major goals for this year was to drop most of my material possessions. The Krishnas are very un-materialistic. Being here has more solidified my “quest” to not worry about the material world and to focus more on those things that mean more  to me.

As the next week rolls around and I depart on my second trip down the PCT I have gained a new outlook on life through the experiences that I have gained since being here at the temple. Being a new vegetarian and heading out to the world away from a strictly vegetarian buffet everyday is going to be a struggle in itself. Learning yoga, its real meanings, and learning lessons taught through the devotee’s at the temple, have impacted both my normal life and my spiritual life.

I thank each and every person that I have met in my Utah visit for the fun times, the good conversations, and all the craziness that went on during my time. I presented the photo below to Caru, the temple president,as a thank you for welcoming me into such a great place. I love you all and will carry you all up the PCT with me in my next journey.

What Say You?

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