The Wild first day!

So as It sits right now im in Kennedy Meadows at mile 702 of the PCT. I would like to though take you through some events that happened the first day.

After a 13 hr drive from Salt Lake City,  Utah to Clovis, California I departed on what I came to think as a revenge hike. The trail this year started for me on the 20th of april. Arriving at the southern terminus about 11am. The very last thing I had to eat before starting was a 24 oz root beer from Carls JR. Last year it was a sausage mcgriddle from McDonald’s. Sara and I proceeded to take our monument photos and started on our way.  Being at the same great place at two different years was quite an emotion. I feel that this year im a completely different person. Around mile 9 we ended up getting stung by some bees which is crazy because it was my first ever bee sting on the pct. I lost a pair of my sunglasses at that moment to because I flung my hat off to get the bees to go away and my glasses flew off into some nearby bushes. A lost cause to try and recover them. Overall it was a great first day and an emotional day as well.



What Say You?

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