The mindset thus far

As most of you know as I have been hiking I have been doing an informal assessment of how the mind effects long distance hiking. I have came up with a few things thus far that I would like to share.

Talking with an individual last evening, here in Kennedy Meadows and he was telling me how surprised he is that when he is hiking at night that his mind can relay quick enough to his feet to avoid obstacles along the trail. The craziest thing that I have come to realize is that not only is the mind relaying to the body but it all starts with the vision. While the eyes are using depth perception at night to relay to the brain where rocks and obstacles, the brain is then sending lightning fast responses to the legs on placement of steps. This conversation went on for some time realizing how truly amazing the body as a whole is able to do all this without even thinking about it. To me this is something truly amazing!!!!

Another one of the realizations that I had was that when someone loses their source of income their mindset goes to drastic measures. This happened to me before coming to the PCT I lost my unemployment, which was going to be the source of income while hiking. At first I was panicking and worrying about what I was going to do in order to do the trail. The thing I realized the most is to not worry it and if there is a will, there is a way. If one is determined to do something then it will happen.

What Say You?

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