So Long Desert Mountains

The past few weeks has been filled with many many adventures. I have not had the opportunity to keep everyone on the up and up but I figure the stories will come out and be on here in due time. For now I am about to enter the great sierra mountains. Which to me was and is one of the greatest sections of trail on the entire pct. I remember last year getting the first spot where you are able to see the sierra’s. I was with a couple of guys from the northwest and we all were in complete shock seeing the mountains that we have so longed for. The mindset in the pct community is get to the sierra’s because that is where the best part of the trail begins. The challenges associated with climbing big mountains, raging river crossings, and possible snow (in other years, not so much this year) intrigues me and is a welcoming challenge. This year will be a lot easier than last year I believe but who knows. All I know is I am incredibly excited for the photography ops and all of the other things the sierras have to offer. I will be doing a summit of Mt Whitney within the next 4 days. Im excited to bag this peak and cant wait to tell you all about the journey!

~Hare Bol!~

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