Oregon Love Baby

So just the other day i finally made it out of the state of california and back into my home state of OREGON! and as us duck fans would say OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! haha! As i crossed the Oregon border i was met with a pbr from balls and sunshine! It was great to finally meet them as we both hiked last year but never officially met. I have been cranking the miles out lately and have been coming up with some pretty awesome gear and pack designs. They will be displayed when I make them this winter. I have been having a few stomach issues lately but I think I have figured out that I was eating a lot of candy and junk food while hiking. So I switched up my diet to a more complex carb diet in order to be able to put more miles down. Lately I have been considering taking on the Contenintal divide trail next year, and have also been shooting some of the most amazing photography in my entire life. I will be coming out with a calendar after the trail, depicting images from my hike. A few of them will be: Wildflowers of the PCT, and Majestic Mountains of the PCT. Those are just a few of my ideas at the moment. I have been continueing my study on the mind during long distance hiking and I am really excited to share this winter with you on some of my findings. Thank you all for your patience as i havent been able to upload my photography but hopefully soon that will happen! until next time im off to crush some miles and see my family! :)

What Say You?

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