Time for a break!

And time for some photos! So today I made it to my parents house near Salem, Oregon. I was forced off of the PCT at mile 1912 at Shelter Cover Resort at Odell Lake at hwy 58. The PCT is closed due to a forest fire for 33 miles north of hwy 58 so I hitch-hiked into Bend, Oregon and spent a night with a couple of friends (thanks rocklocks and mr foxx for the hospitality!!!) After a great breakfast this morning I caught a ride with a cool guy from Bend, and made it to Eugene and then recieved a ride from a gracious woman who gave me a ride to Albany and finally one more hitch to my parents! (thank you all for the rides)

Onto other things! I have started uploading about 500 photos onto my flickr page so get ready to see some amazing PCT photos!!

As I got home I was delighted to find a box with some new shoes on my kitchen table, Id like to say a very special thank you to Janette for hooking me up with shoes so I can keep hiking (if the trail opens that is)! Again thank you so much its a life saver!



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