The Alabama Hills…

So im getting back to some stories and adventures from the PCT. This one goes back to the Sierra Nevadas and the Alabama Hiils near Lone Pine California. This crazy location has boulder fields as far as the eye can see! In the background is the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range with the tallest peak in the continental US towering over. I did a summit of Mt Whitney a few days after my side trip to the Alabama Hills. I enjoyed some good slot canyoning and bouldering, along with a lot of off trail exploring. I highly recommend visiting the Alabama Hills, just beware it does get pretty toasty in the summer, reaching highs of 100 plus. The Alabama Hills has been used as the site for many Chevy and ford truck commercials, and has also been featured as the backdrop in the movie Iron Man. Here are a few photos from my trip to the Alabama Hills, and the summit of Mt Whitney. Enjoy!

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