Goal 1 for the year…CHECK!

When I started the year I had one goal. To take my photography to the next level, and to sell just one of my prints. Yesterday that came true. I sold a print of mine to friend! He is going to display it in his home and im incredibly excited to have this happen. The next thing that came to mind was

“Whats the next goal now?”

So I have came up with a great idea to expand my portfolio, and to hopefully have some more fantastic shots to share with you. I have approximately 500 or so miles on the PCT left this year. My goal is to shoot 1000 photos in 500 miles. By doing this I think it will motivate me to spend more time behind my lens rather than hiking my butt off everyday. I cant wait to share with you the final product after I finish the PCT!

I’m willing to sell any of my prints and can have them shipped directly to you. I can do it for pretty cheap as well. As mentioned before I will be making a calendar for 2013 of a bunch of the best shots from my adventure. I will be using the money from those to expand my portfolio and my photography career as a whole. You are welcome to check out my portfolio here at:


I’m working now on coming up with some sort of page on here that you will be able to buy prints and I will have pricing info and everything. I can print as big as you want and even on canvas. Again let me know if you are interested in some awesome photography for your home or office.

Happy Trails,


2 thoughts on “Goal 1 for the year…CHECK!

  1. annanotrailname

    That flickr stream is AMAZING. Might have to order me some prints. Best of luck on your last parts of the journey!

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