The final days!

So after 2 years the end of the pct finally came around. After a drunken day in Stehekin and only making in 3 miles down the trail due to a few games of beer pong before heading out, Sheldon “Good Times” and I headed on what we would come to know as the two most epic days on trail! We left at 7 am that morning and ran into a few of our buddies Cruiser and P-Track. They say guys we are going 35 miles today! So Good Times and I told them we will do it with you, thing is they were 5 miles ahead of where we started so it would be about a 40 mile day for us. We looked at each other and said well we gotta get a move on then! We did the first 20 miles by 1pm and were set up to leave rainy pass at about 2 pm. We made it another 13 miles by 7pm, and decided to take a long break with a fire to let Cruiser and P-Track catch us since they left their camp a lot later than when we passed them that morning. We stayed up battling these mice that were so determined to get our food that we ended up going nuts whack-o mole style around the camp, it was kinda fun but gross. We laid down to try and take a nap and had just about fallen asleep when Cruiser and P-Track rolled by woke us up and took us with them, at this time it was 1130pm and we hiked until around 2am, making another 5 miles.

The next day we decided that we were going to go for it and do the rest of the trail no matter how long it took. After a late night we didnt get out of our sleeping bags until 1030am which is a super late start! Our pal Sunjay caught up with us and had already hiked ten miles that morning. We told him our plans to hike 40 miles to the Canadian border that day no matter how long into the night it took. Sunjay bravely jumped on board. His plan was to hike ahead of us while we got ready and sleep once the sun went down on the side of the trail. When we approached him we were to wake him up and he would join us. So he blasted off as we lazily got out of our sleeping bags midway up a 1500 ft climb. We wanted to make it over the climb the night before but we all gave in when we saw a nice flat area at 2am. We ended up messing around camp talking and smoking until about noon, when we finally decided to roll out of camp. We made it ten miles at 3 pm to arrive at the last road of the Pacific Crest Trail. Harts pass was the location that we were to meet our buddy Larry on Friday the 14th of September. You see Good Times, P-Track, and myself had no reason to enter Canada so our plan was to hike 30 miles south once touching Canada to Harts Pass rd where Larry would be waiting to meet up with us. The time was 430 on september 12, 2012 and we had 30 miles to go to Canada. Good times and I ditched a bunch of our gear at harts pass to lighten up our packs for a few days. I ended up leaving my sleeping pad and going into the border with a sleeping bag, bivy, pot, 3 days food, rain jacket, and camera.

We charged out of Harts Pass…On a mission!….To Canada! It felt like I had never walked a mile of trail that year, I felt as fresh as I possibly ever could have. The first part we battled a few small climbs with some rolling hills. Mile 11 rolled around and I was greeted with a roaring fire from some friends I had been hiking all of washington with! I proceeded to make a fat dinner and drank a few cups of coffee. After the hippy speedball got rolling off we went. As the headlamps came out the crew came up on Sunjay “The Worlds Fastest Indian”. We woke him up and he proceeded to hike with us. As the 11 o’clock hour rolled around the tunnel vision from my headlamp started to get pretty intense. 15 miles to go… I was wearing my sleeping bag on the inside of my rain jacket as a down jacket and had cut the sleeves off a fleece pullover to use as leg warmers. I was quite the sight! We had just went up and over a 1500 ft climb and were in a saddle taking a break under the stars. Our headlamps were pretty low, we all were on the brink of falling asleep and we still had 5 hrs of hiking to go. We decided not to sit for too long and dashed off into the night. The tunnel vision mixed with the lack of sleep and the 25 miles before that caused me to feel like I was a zombie walking down the trail not thinking about a single thing because i was too tired even to think. We had 8 miles left to the border when we really started feeling a second wind. Out of nowhere we suddenly woke up. We drank a lot of water and decided to finish this thing!

1.9 miles away from the monument was to be the last water. So we filled up at what we thought was the last water source and said okay only 1.9 miles to go. So we started flying down the trail, somehow we all had energy! One after another a small creek crossed the path. One after another we would say there was 1.9 miles to go. This went on until the last half mile of the trail. Then out of nowhere I saw it off to my left. The one thing that I had been trying to see for over 4600 trail miles. Last year I wanted it for 2000 miles this year…the whole shibang! So finally seeing the monument for me was quite the experience. I finished the PCT on September 12th at around 6am. The gang and I celebrated with a few beers that Sunjay packed in, some cigars, and a little bit of whiskey hot cocoa. After we all got pretty drunk we decided to sleep for a bit. I didnt have my sleeping pad, and the only flat spot had rocks all over it! I only ended up sleeping for an hour before our next group of friends started coming into the monument. Seeing people’s faces light up when they have reached a goal in life was very inspiring. After the majority of our friends rolled in, P-Track, Good Times and I were getting ready to roll out. Headed south bound. We had to meet Larry 30 miles south at harts pass by the end of the next day. We had no desire to do a 30 mile day the next day so we set out to at least knock out part of our southbound that night. We ended up camping 10 miles or so south of Canada in a saddle. That night was one of the best sunsets on the entire PCT. The next morning we woke up at approximately 8am and hiked the last 20 miles to harts pass where Larry already was. Im so glad I got to hike that section in the day because it was absolutely gorgeous.

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