Combining two loves

When you love two things so much the only thing to do is to combine them. I grew up running and absolutely love it. I grew into backpacking and absolutely love it. So I have decided to combine the two and started training with a pack on. The first few days took some getting use to but after i got accustom to the pack being on my back it has been like my old running days. I run to and from my work which is about 3.5 miles from my house here in Redmond. Thursday was the day I went for it and tried to see how fast I could get there. With 10 lbs on my back I was able to throw down an impressive 19:00 time. I’m looking forward to seeing where I can go with this and i’m really looking forward to getting in good enough shape to start racing again.

Another thing new in my life is bmx. As most of you know I use to ride a lot! I even lost my spleen because of it. But for the love of the sport im headed back into it. Without the intentions of going so big but for the exercise and fun. I will post up my bike when I get it. :)


As for now, i’m enjoying living in Central Oregon again and absolutely love everything about it. I haven’t even thought about another long trip or leaving which really makes me excited for the chance to stick around in one place for a while without getting the travel itch too soon. We will see how long that lasts! As for now its 85 degrees and my pool is calling my name with an ice-cold beer! Have a good weekend everyone!


What Say You?

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